Slitting Equipment

Inline Pre-Slitting

Our Shear Cut Inline Slitting process is the most popular accessory we sell with our pleating machines as it allows manufacturers using multi-layer materials, including wire mesh and nettings, to slit material in-line with the pleating process. No longer do you have to purchase pre-slit material from your media or mesh suppliers and inventory countless slit widths or use a crude and often dangerous secondary post-cutting device offline. Now you can slit to width in-line with the pleating process to consolidate to only a couple of different material widths. Plus, you can use the Inline Slitter to create multiple slit-widths which yields an even higher throughput! It’s a win-win-win!

Inline Post-Slitting

There are certain media applications which respond better to being cut after pleating. We offer a very effective post-slitting device which is in-line with the pleating process and offers extreme precision. These units can be offered in fixed-width or adjustable versions depending on the application.

Offline Slitting & Rewind Machinery

If you have the need for Slitting Roll goods in a separate process from the pleating operation, JCEM offers a very impressive Offline Slitting device which is completely servo-controlled and fully-automatic. It is designed to handle a huge range of materials from wire-mesh to nettings to synthetics or paper, virtually all commercially available filter media’s can be processed. Web Tension and even blade positioning is controlled via servomotor and completely automatic, being saved as a recipe file once the slitting process has been completed and optimized after the initial run. As compared to big-name Slitter companies throughout the world, ours is very cost-effective and offers an unbeatable price-to-performance ratio!