Unwinding Equipment

JCEM Roll Stands are not simply just a stand for your media; they are engineered machines that aid in the pleating process. Each web of media is individually and optically controlled and each has their own motor drive and frequency inverter. This allows each layer of media to be completely separated until the very last entry point into the pleater.

When dealing with multi-layer media’s, the possibility of layers snagging or clinging onto one another is fairly good, this obviously creates more challenges for the manufacturer. By keeping layers separated, media is guided smoothly into the machine and half of the pleating battle is conquered. After all, getting the media to be properly guided into the machine is a major source of headaches for many manufacturers.

We offer these stands in different configurations in order to suit customer demands. If the customer needs a space saving arrangement, we offer vertical roll stands with a maximum of three layers stacked atop another. These stands can be paired together in the event more than three layers are required.