Cross Cutting Equipment

JCEM offers Semi-Automatic Cross Cutting machinery designed for cutting across the width of the pleated material. These units are typically designed to cut at the Apex of the pleat but custom solutions can also be offered. JCEM will work with you to determine whether you application is best suited for Shear-cut, Crush-Cut, or Ultrasonic. However, the basic operation of all models is the same and requires that the operator positions the pleat which needs cutting on a fixed anvil after which they engage a 2-hand safety trigger to initiate the cutting process which is automatic.

Shear Cut

This is the most popular cross-cutting unit we sell due to its versatility of cutting through multi-layer wire meshes, nettings, single-layer materials, etc. This is typically our go-to version unless we find reasons that call for crush-cutting or ultrasonic.

Crush Cut

Many all-synthetic media configurations used in liquid filtration are made up of very fibrous media’s where the fibers are entangled and tightly bonded. In these applications, we find Crush-Cut cross cutting works best in order to burst through these very fine and tightly woven layers.